Joe & Joy
Rio plaid from above

100% French manufactured

The Joe and Joy product line was created in 2020 by Joëlle Billebault with the desire to modernize sofa throws and bed linen.
In a world where high-end household linen often remains very traditional. The designers of Joe and Joy have put their skills and all their energy to create a high-end French-made plaid cushion that combines innovation and aesthetics.

In order to satisfy a demanding clientele, in love with comfort and noble materials.


All our materials and accessories used in the manufacture of our products are labeled Oeko-Tex. We are demanding on this subject and make it a point of honor to guarantee our customers, in a simple and standardized way, a product that is not harmful to their health or their skin. You should know that the more the textile is in contact with the skin, the more the limit values ​​to be respected are strict.

OEKO-TEX Joe and Joy

Respect of the environment

We favor a flexible, light, robust textile fiber … whose treatment complies with standards in terms of respect for the environment.

Vegetable fibers

All our “leather” materials used in the manufacture of our products are of non-animal origin.

Choosing a non-animal material is to correspond to our values !

Leather made from plant fibers is revolutionizing the fashion world! It differs from classic leather.

Unlike animal leather which uses polluting products (heavy metals, chromium) thrown into neighboring rivers, causing water and soil pollution; our imitation leather uses plant active ingredients, such as vegetable leather.